Auflösung der Embacher-Kollektion

      Auflösung der Embacher-Kollektion

      Die meisten Radl-Enthusiasten kennen sie sicherlich: Die Radkollektion von Michael Embacher.
      Nun soll sie aufgelöst werden und unter die Leut gebracht werden.
      Ab dem 22.4. sind die Stücke online zur Auktion.

      Hier der Text vom Urheber der Nachricht ( Moultonbicycleyahoogroup )

      Dear Moultonists,

      Probably the only Austrian who owns more Moultons than myself sells
      his collection. Among his jewels is the only titanium real Moulton
      ever built. And many other more than rare bicycles.

      He writes:

      Like with every collector one of my fundamental needs is to be near
      the object I collect. Until two years ago this was possible, as the
      attic of my former office was my private museum. And so during the
      last ten years I “visited” my bikes daily and selected one of them to
      take a ride on. The attic was a part of the collection, which had been
      started there and put together with this place in mind. Unfortunately,
      I had to give up this attic space and during the past two years I was
      unable to find an alternative.

      Making the decision to separate myself from a unique collection that
      had been built up with immense passion was a protracted and difficult
      process. For many years I had hoarded, cared for, documented and
      exhibited my “slender travel animals” (quote: Gabriele Petricek).
      Looked at in visual terms bicycles for me are anarchical beings, a
      kind of synonym for untrammelled freedom.

      Therefore the idea of now setting them free again greatly appeals to me.

      In case you are interested we would kindly ask you for your postal
      adress in order to send to you the auction catalogue.

      Yours, Michael Embacher

      All bicycles with each opening price will be online from 22 April 2015

      Also: Wem es nach dem ein oder anderen guten Stück gelüstet, nichts wie ran an den Speck!

      Gerade wurden die Endpreise veröffentlicht.

      Hätte nicht gedacht, das das One Off sooo extrem hoch geht.
      Auch das DP ging ganz gut.


      P.S Wer rechnet mal die absoluten Kaufpreise aus? Also 25 Prozent vom Endpreis plus X
      TSR - The next generation.
      "I call it APB Mk II"