David Duffield R.I.P

      David Duffield R.I.P

      David Duffield

      It is difficult to over-state the contribution that the late, great,
      David Duffield made to the Moulton bicycle project.

      It is with great sadness that we learn of his passing.
      It seems a matter of weeks ago that he was
      sat in the office re-living with gusto
      the great triumphat The Butts, Coventry,
      in 1963 when the Moulton pursuit team caught their
      opponents and broke the club record.
      That was ‘Duffers’ all over – master of publicity,
      and infectiously enthusiastic with it.

      David joined the fledgling Moulton company in 1962
      as Commercial Manager and persuaded
      Alex Moulton to book a stand at the Earl’s Court Cycle Show
      for the launch of the Moulton bicycle.
      This was such a success that Duffers later commented
      “we had to beat them off with sticks,
      such was the interest in the Moulton”.
      Moulton looked to Duffield for marketing direction, and
      he repaid Alex handsomely by putting the Moulton
      into every newspaper, into every magazine
      and even onto television screens.
      The Moulton bicycle became a huge hit, and
      we owe a lot of that success to David.
      A record-breaking tricyclist himself,
      David knew that he had to do something special
      to convince club cyclists
      that the Moulton was a serious machine.

      Despite the “insanity” of attempting
      a distance recordin winter,
      Duffers had his man – the inimitable John Woodburn
      – on standby, waiting for the right conditions.
      In November, they tried and failed. In the early hours of
      the 9th December 1962, with a favourable forecast and
      Duffield’s rubbish bins blowing down his garden in the gale
      - “It’s on!” screamed Duffers down the telephone and
      they sped off to Cardiff in their Moulton Bicycles Mini vans.

      John Woodburn got his Cardiff-London record
      – 162 miles in 6 hours 43 minutes and 29 seconds.
      Alex Moulton was delighted that his revolutionary bicycle received such a fantastic ‘push’ to coincide with its launch
      – and all masterminded by David Duffield.

      Following the sale of Moulton Bicycles to Raleigh in 1967,
      David moved on to other roles in the bicycle industry.
      He returned to Moulton as a consultant in 1985,
      retaining that position for over 20 years
      with unswerving enthusiasm.
      Alex himself had a dislike of ‘marketing’ but he trusted
      David and respected his views – with very good results.
      Indeed ‘Duffers’ was one of the few people who could handle
      Alex Moulton and they remained great friends right until the end.

      Goodbye and Thank You, David Duffield.

      May the road rise to meet you, and may the wind
      be always at your back.

      © Moulton Bicycle Co / Dan Farrell

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