Autocar Lifetime-Award

      Autocar Lifetime-Award

      (Autocar 16 Nov 2004 issue.)

      WINNER: Dr Alex Moulton.

      "AUTOCAR is far from the first organisation to honour Dr Alex Moulton. At the age of 84 he is entitled to use no fewer than seven sets of letters after his name, including those denoting his fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the CBE awarded in 1976; fitting tributes to one of our most influential, industrious and free-thinking post-war engineers. Dr Moulton maintains that you can work in two fields, but no more without diluting your focus. His bicycle designs were revolutionary, but drivers the World over are grateful the car his other field of endeavour. He couldnt have had a more auspicious start, working with Sir Alec Issigonis on the Mini. Their work had an impact on car design that will simply never be repeated, and Dr Moultons rubber cone suspension provided the little car with revelatory dynamic qualities. His Hydrolastic suspension introduced on the Moriss 1100 of 1962, had a similar impact and helped form the basis of how we think modern cars should ride and handle. The brilliance of his work can be measured by its longevity. The Mini speaks for itself and the 1100 was Britains best-selling car for 10 years. The later Hydragas system introduced in 1973 was adopted by Rover for the MGF in 1995. But Dr Moulton himself defines longevity. Forty-five years after the launch of the Mini he has embarked on a new partnership with Toyota. To have the most successful global car maker - by almost any measure - come to you for help shows the unbroken respect afforded to his work on suspension. It might be bicycles that bear the Moulton name, but he deserves to be considered alongside Rolls and Bentley as one of the greats of the British car industry."



      So wie ich Alex Moulton einschätze, ist ihm der Vergleich seiner Person mit Bentley und Rolls von
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